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C.E. Systems Approved as a Viking Premier  Dealer


As a premier fire alarm and security system contractor in Tampa, Florida, C.E. Systems, Inc. proudly expands their line of services to include the eLAN™ Fire Alarm systems and eSP Business Suite™ system reporting access.  C.E. Systems, Inc. is “one-stop shop” for all fire protection needs, providing full service coverage.    Our monitoring capabilities now include Fire Alarm, Security, Elevator and Supervised Alarm Activity (such as open/closed reporting and temperature sensor reporting) Event Management with customer access on various levels.  When using VESNET remote controlling is possible.


Consolidated Electrical Systems, Inc. (C.E. Systems, Inc,) is proud to introduce Viking Electronic Services, the manufacture of  “the future of detection,” with a complete hardware and modular software Fire Alarm solution.  Featuring the  eLAN™  series of fire alarm control panels and the security of VESNet™.


Because of the technological advances of VESNet™, you can now program a network as a single panel.  Plus, via a Web Browser you can interact with the eLAN panel from anywhere as if you were standing right in front of it.  As longs as you can access the system’s local area network and have the proper access authority level , you can view the eLAN panel display from an ordinary PC or Laptop Computer.   Furthermore, the same authorized functions which can be perform at the eLAN panel can be performed remotely via the Virtual Panel.

About Viking Electronic Services: Based in King of Prussia, PA, Viking Electronic Services is a division of the Viking Corporation, manufacturers of the leading fire sprinkler systems since the 1920s. Founded by professionals with over a century of combined experience in electronics design and installation, monitoring and services, Viking Electronic Services applies the same stringent commitment to quality control and total customer service as its parent company. 




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